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Government and Public Safety are currently considering potential models and decision points for a Public Safety Broadband Network in Canada. The following timeline provides an overview of next-steps anticipated in the decision for how to use Band Class 14 spectrum in Canada.

The PSBN Innovation Alliance will continue to provide updates as we receive them – related to decisions on spectrum and model for a Canadian PSBN.

PSBN Timeline

1) June 28th, 2019

TNCO Interim Report Published (Mid-Point Recommendations on finalist models and Directions for PSBN business / governance model decision)

2) July - October, 2019

Public Comment Period on TNCO Report - anyone from the public can view and comment on the TNCO mid-term recommendations. Final opportunity for changes to PSBN policy.

3) October 2019 - January 2020

TNCO Final Report Write-Up - Released January 2020.

4) End of First Quarter - 2020

TNCO Report and Final PSBN Recommendations sent to Provincial / Territorial / Federal Deputy Ministers of Public Safety for March 2020 Meeting to Approve TNCO Report.

5) Second Quarter - 2020

After Deputy Minister's approve report a final recommendation is sent from Deputy Minister's to ISED for final licencing. Last public solicitation on license costs and then licenses granted in late 2020. Provincial / National PSBN(s) start after this point.

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