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What is a PSBN?

The term PSBN stands for "Public Safety Broadband Network" – which is a wireless broadband network that provides prioritized and exclusive access to wireless data for First Responders and Commercial Critical Infrastructure entities that underpin our modern digital society (eg. electric utilities, rail and transportation networks, transit systems, energy, potable water control systems, airports, naval ports and more).

A similar related term is PS-LTE which means "Public Safety LTE" - where LTE stands for the "Long Term Evolution" standard for 3G / 4G and now 5G voice and data communications.

These terms are coming to the forefront of technology considerations for CIOs, managers and executive staff at Public Safety agencies across Canada and around the world, due to the generational investment in new data technologies for mobile policing, and in new telecom standards related to Next Generation 911 services. (NG911).

Indeed, critical data for first responders helps drive the need for reliable PSBN / PS-LTE services. Think of the data load related to Body Worn Cameras securely streaming data to HQ in the midst of First Responder calls to service, and 911 calls now requiring reliable transmission of both voice, text, video & data information to First Responders in the field.

PSBN / PS-LTE and the coming of NG911 will truly revolutionize the way all Public Safety agencies (Police, Fire and EMS) do business.

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