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Chief Stephen Tanner - Halton Regional Police Service

"The Halton Regional Police Service are so proud to be working with our local emergency services providers, our neighbouring municipalities, police services and others to bring together, for all of us, a dedicated Public Safety Broadband Network. This is something that we have been searching for and fighting for, for many years. Several years ago, we were successful in lobbying the federal government to provide a section of the 700-megahertz spectrum for emergency services use. The time is now to ensure that we utilize it and we keep that spectrum for the better of all. There's no doubt that were facing an impending, virtual, tidal wave of data in the policing service and throughout emergency services. As we move and transition towards next generation 911, start to receive video and text messages from callers from the public, we need to be able to access, utilize, save that data and transmit it to our frontline members in the most timely of fashions to ensure their safety and ensure our continued quick response to the greatest of needs. The time is now to leverage this technology and to leverage this Public Safety Broadband Network in a flexible manner to best meet the needs of emergency services across Ontario and beyond."

Chief Nishan Duraiappah - Peel Regional Police

"Our drive to build a robust Public Safety Broadband Network and flexible governance framework supports our collective commitment to growing safer communities and enhanced emergency services response both in critical incidents and in day-to-day operations. A Canadian Public Safety Broadband Network will drive technology, innovation and it must involve seamless interoperability for first responders. We have an opportunity to grow a common network and build a flexible and federated Public Safety Broadband Network to benefit Canadians for generations to come."

Chief Dave Lazenby - Burlington Fire Department

"With the modernization of 911 services across Canada, a whole new approach to data communications will provide a foundation for a more effective emergency response for our communities. Public Safety Broadband Network applications abound in fire service response, from locating a person trapped within a burning building using cellphone GPS signals, to unseen streaming video from a large scale industrial fire, to enabling better situational awareness during disaster response. I have no doubt that reliable mobile data will help save lives. A Public Safety Broadband Network for Ontario and Canada will help firefighters and all the tri-services enhance community safety."

Chief Greg Sage - Halton Region Paramedic Services

"A key tenant of paramedic response is that every second counts. Efficiencies in sharing data among emergencies services is critical in emergencies. A reduction in time to access information translates to improved outcomes for our patients. At Halton Region Paramedic Services, we recognise the opportunities that lay with new applications on a Public Safety Broadband Network. A Public Safety Broadband Network will facilitate mobile collaboration, in concert with our local police and fire partners, and help us to develop best practices as paramedic services evolve to meet the needs of our communities now and in the futures. Within Halton Region, we look forward to future Public Safety Broadband Network apps and tools in the pursuit of enhanced emergency response for safer communities."

Dave Jarvis - Retired Deputy Chief, Peel Regional Police

"Peel and Halton regions are home to some of the fastest growing communities in Canada. This growth demands an investment in new, reliable, data infrastructure to enhance emergency response. This is crucial in the minutes and seconds that help save lives during emergencies. We look forward to testing new applications and emergency response tools in the coming months and years in collaboration with Halton Region, our own first responders and municipal partners in Peel Region. Cutting edge broadband data applications, along with our reliable Public Safety Broadband Network, will truly revolutionize the way agencies collaborate during public safety incidents, resulting in safer outcomes for all."

Shawn Slack - Chief Information Officer, City of Mississauga

"Connectivity is so essential to first responders in the field and in delivering services in a smart city. Having a secure and highly resilient infrastructure like Public Safety Broadband Network is going to be a real improvement in communications and interoperability will work in a multi-agency response. Public Safety Broadband Network is really going to be a great thing for public safety."

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