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What does "LMR" mean?

LMR is an acronym meaning "Land Mobile Radio". It's basically two-way or "walkie-talkie" voice communications - but it's also so much more than that. The term encompasses the use of voice & data signalling over narrowband radio channels (eg. 6.25kHz or 12.5KHz or 25kHz) in designated spectrum set aside for Public Safety or commercial users.

It also encompasses various standards for digital and analog air interfaces (eg. Conventional, DMR, Project 25, TETRA) that each can provide various technical and feature advantages in how the radio spectrum is used (eg. secure encrypted voice & data).

Lastly, the term LMR also considers use of both voice & also low-speed data over these narrow band channels (where data speeds permit use for industrial SCADA control systems or for say text messaging between users and HQ).

At heart "LMR" is the underlying communications glue that makes so much of Public Safety operations possible today.

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