PSBN Innovation Alliance

What is PSBN?

The term PSBN stands for "Public Safety Broadband Network" – which is a wireless broadband network that provides prioritized and exclusive access to wireless data for First Responders and Commercial Crtical Infrastructure entities that underpin our modern digital society (eg. electric utilities, rail and transportation networks, transit systems, energy, potable water control systems, airports, naval ports and more).

A PSBN encompasses the 4G and 5G wireless infrastructure, wireless spectrum, user gear and associated systems that provide for a mission-critical grade of data delivery – so that First Responders have access to critical data in moments of need – whenever and wherever they roam across Canada in their lifesaving mission to our society.

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Why is it Needed

A Public Safety Broadband Network (PSBN) is an important step in securing the telecommunications infrastructure for Canada – at an optimal cost point – and also to help extend digital connectivity to rural Canadians to enable access to 911 emergency services.

First Responders depend on digital data to protect Canadians – and improve operational efficiency and effectiveness of 911 response to emergencies. The reliable, resilient and Cybersecure delivery of digital data to First Responders has become as important as voice communications to front-line emergency response – and we need a broadband system that provides the same degree of resiliency as legacy two-way walkie-talkie radio systems used today.

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PSBN Innovation Alliance Vision

The vision for the PSBN Innovation Alliance is to expand the current cellular infrastructure in the province to provide faster, more reliable, cellular communications for first responders and municipal agencies.

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