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What is the market problem that the PSBN Business Model helps solve?

In considering a PSBN strategy, it is important for agencies and governments to consider their current levels of telecom service quality and telecom price points seen in traditional carrier data services available today for Public Safety agencies:

  1. Concerns on Resiliency & Reliability: Recent large-scale telecom outages (eg. Hurrican Dorian telco outages in September 2019, Canada nation-wide mobile service & 911 outage in July 2019, Toronto Raptors parade comms failures, Ottawa Tornado extended mobile service outage, Atlantic Canada mobile service outage in Aug. 2018, noted difference in level of resiliency versus traditional LMR services);
  2. Concerns on Cybersecurity: Recent and still unresolved concerns regarding exposure to potentially insecure telecom equipment in several of the major Canadian MNOs;
  3. Concerns on Chronic High Costs: Recent international, independent studies have confirmed Canada’s chronic highest telecom costs in the industrialized world;
  4. Concerns on Rural Broadband & Rural 911: Recent news confirming issues in 911 service in rural regions & the continuing Rural Broadband divide via our current MNO-oriented / grant-based approach – which has failed to grow Rural Broadband to the extent required due to a lack of interest in incumbent MNOs to invest in rural regions with low commercial viability;

Please see References [A01] to [A16] & References [A31] to [A58] for a small sampling of articles and reports of the above issues seen in incumbent MNO telecom services for First Responders.

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