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What are the key issues with current telco carrier service – and how does a PSBN help?

There are many issues and problems that have been highlighted in regard to Canada’s wireless telecommunications infrastructure – the key problems come down to 5 main issues:

  1. Chronically High Costs (highest in the industrialized world)
  2. Poor Reliability (coverage holes and capacity issues affecting access during surge periods)
  3. Poor Resiliency (poor results when disasters strike due to lack of hardened infrastructure)
  4. Poor Cybersecurity (issues related to infrastructure security)
  5. Poor Rural Broadband Connectivity (millions of Canadians in rural regions don’t have access)

1. Chronic High Cost
Canada’s wireless broadband costs are the most expensive in the entire Industrialized World.

Countless international and independent studies have highlighted the fact that Canadians pay the highest rates on Earth for wireless data – and get the lowest amount of data in our service offerings. Additionally, Canadian wireless telcos have among the very highest profit margins for telecom corporations on the planet. The CRTC has been searching for solutions to this problem of chronic high cost for decades – a high cost which effectively “taxes” both civilians and Public Safety Agencies by taking valuable funds from our budgets and the disposable salary of Canadians. (See Reference: XXX)

International Broadband Rates

2. Poor Reliability
Canada’s wireless networks do not provide the reliability & coverage required by Public Safety.

3. Poor Resiliency
Canada’s wireless networks do not provide the resiliency required by Public Safety.

4. Poor Cybersecurity
Canada’s wireless networks do not provide the Cybersecurity required by Public Safety.

5. Poor Rural Broadband Connectivity
Canada’s wireless networks do not provide the Rural Connectivity required by Public Safety.

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