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What is the PSBN Business Model Value Proposition?

The PSBN Innovation Alliance Business Model focuses in on the needs of the critical communications market to provide key value propositions that go beyond the high-cost / basic level of service seen in commercial MNOs (Mobile Network Operators – ie. common telco carriers):

  • Superior network availability & resiliency during periods of network congestion seen during peak rush hour, large gatherings, parades, special events and natural + man-made disasters;
  • An ability to roam on any network anywhere and at any time at wholesale rates;
  • The highest degree of network security and a keen focus on Cybersecurity;
  • Low overhead costs in order to preserve government funds for primary front-line lifesaving operations and staffing costs, through a Not-for-Profit & wholesale model;
  • An Added Capital Investment flow for Rural Broadband enablement via Critical Infrastructure and Public-Private-Partnership (P3) investments in rural regions;

In order to achieve these goals, our proposed PSBN business model will focus on providing a niche suite of low margin, yet highly secure and resilient communications services for our First Responder clients via 6 main aspects to our business model:

  1. New Canadian MVNO telecom business paradigm - wholesale roaming rates;
  2. Not-for-profit cost recovery model - cut costs vs. high-margin Canadian MNOs;
  3. Leveraging of secure backhaul assets of Critical Infrastructure partners & municipalities to save OPEX costs versus for-profit MNOs;
  4. Preferred & low-cost access to government + Critical Infrastructure properties (eg. utility, rail, airport) - lower RF site acquisition and leasing costs versus for-profit MNOs;
  5. Re-investment of business proceeds back into the PSBN - new infrastructure investment;
  6. New capital investment & asset ownership via CICs - meet a critical need for reliable and safe communications for CICs + leverage their new capital investment beyond MNOs;

Our Hybrid PSBN (MVNO + MNO) approach provides for a new and innovative telecom market model now highly anticipated to be coming to Canada per MVNO policy directions put forth in recent CRTC rulings and Federal government announcements. The MVNO model will serve to reduce Canada’s chronic high-cost broadband services seen with incumbent MNOs – while providing more choice & specialty services for Canadians.

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